POPCORN dating app

POPCORN is for couples and singles. POPCORN is the latest chat and dating app. For anyone looking to have adventures with like-minded individuals or live out their ultimate sexual fantasies - POPCORN makes it happen.

Search and Find

Watch how people in your area pop up on the radius search. Easy!

Chat and Flirt

Take advantage of the filters and find exactly the kind of people you want to talk to.

Date and Meet

Personalise your profile and tell your future dates what you want and how. Win them over with your best selfies.

Right next door, wanting what you want.

You don't have to go far to find a mate to date. Choose your current location or find a sexy someone on the way to your destination. See you in an hour? Let's come together.

I've been waiting for you...

Is a visit to a fetish party on your bucket list? Would you dare to stop off at an outdoor sex area for some fun? There's no end to the amount of mischief you can get up to on Popcorn. Organise your own sexual adventures and find someone to bring along.

What do you want to do to me?

Tell me everything. Who are you? What is it you've been craving? Live out a love story or have a steamy one night stand. It's all available on the POPCORN dating app. Don't believe it can happen for you? Online members who recently married would beg to differ.


What is the POPCORN app?

POPCORN is the new chat and dating app for sex-positive adventures without taboos.

How big is the POPCORN app?

It's only 10 MB.

Is the POPCORN app free?

The download and use of the new dating app POPCORN is completely free. You can use all of its features; chat, contacts, personalised dating profile and many more. For some extra features that offer more visibility, you can purchase a low-cost premium membership. There’s nothing stopping you from finding what you most desire on the app, free of charge - try it out.

Can I use POPCORN on my tablet?

You can use the smartphone version on your tablet. There's not a specific tablet version - yet!

Which languages are supported by POPCORN?

You can currently use POPCORN in English and German.

Question not answered? Contact support.

Available in the Appstore soon

You will soon see POPCORN in the Appstore. Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.